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The Upnourish Advantages

Complete Nutrition

Protein, essential fats, carbs, fiber, plus 24 essential vitamins & minerals.

Saves Time

A complete on-the-go meal. Less shopping, cooking and washing up.

60% Lesser Calories

All the benefits of a complete nutritious meal in less than half the calories.


No more complexity of calorie counting.

Hunger Satisfaction

Keeps you energetic and full for a longer time helping you stay away from junk.

No Food Wastage

Sustainable ingredients and naturally long shelf life

Customers Love UpNourish

I lead an urban life wherein traveling and work takes most of the time. I was looking for products/solutions that did not demand too much time investment and that’s when I heard about UpNourish meal replacement products. I lost 14Kgs in 3 months using UpNourish Meal Replacements. Highly Recommended!
Frederick Correa


A friend introduced me to UpNourish when I was looking for products that would help me in weight management. UpNourish’s on-the-go- meal replacements were really good from taste and preparation point of view. UpNourish products helped me lose 18Kgs in 3 months without the need to go to a gym.
Mickita Bhojwani


I was initially not sure about the idea of Meal Replacements but I can now say with full confidence that these products are the future of well-being and those looking to lose/manage weight. UpNourish meal replacements are absolutely great! I can now prepare my healthy meals anytime, anywhere in a minute!
Vijay V


The nature of my work requires me to travel often. I tried a few weight management solutions but none could accommodate the nature of my work and the lifestyle. I was introduced to UpNourish meal replacements by an acquaintance which really helped me manage my weight. That’s not all, it also helped me reverse Type-II diabetes. I’m off insulin now!
Sundeep Sharma

Stand-Up Comedian

I am a CA by profession and hence, always on-the-go. My meetings never end on time and I, most of the times end up skipping my meals or eat something unhealthy which is readily available. But, thanks to UpNourish, I do not have to resort to unhealthy food anymore. UpNourish Meal Replacements are great from taste and convenience perspective for those who lead busy lives.
Hitesh Jain

Chartered Accountant

I’m 60 years old and I had a knee concern because of which walking and exercising was a challenge. UpNourish meal replacements helped me lose 14 Kgs in 2 Months. I feel more energetic than ever now. I will recommend these products to everyone looking to improve their health.
Haresh Nankani

Business Man

Odd working hours, no time to workout, no nutrition knowledge resulted in weight gain. A friend suggested UpNourish meal replacements to me and they solved all my problems. Over and above I lost 14 Kgs in 2 months. Yes, it is for real!
Michelle Gonsalves

Customer Service

I was looking at different healthy food options to help me lose post-pregnancy weight without compromising on my health. I tried UpNourish meal replacement and their low carb, high protein products helped me lose the extra fat with so much convenience. I lost 10 Kgs in 3 Months. Try them to see the result.
Swapna Khapra


I am homemaker. I had health concerns due to obesity. My family introduced UpNourish to me and I am very happy with the result of these meal replacement products. One of it’s own kind and excellent substitute to usual high calorie meals. I have managed to lose about 12 Kgs and improved my over all health.
Hemalatha Jain

Home Maker

Upnourish Promise

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