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Upnourish - Providing Nutritious Meal Replacement to Stay Effortlessly Healthy

Upnourish - Providing Nutritious Meal Replacement to Stay Effortlessly Healthy

Upnourish - About

Upnourish Meal Replacement

Upnourish is India’s digital first D2C focused meal replacement product venture enabling people to eat healthy with all the nutrition yet low on calories while they lead their busy lives. Upnourish aims to be a part of every individual’s life who leads on-the-go lifestyle yet aspires to be healthy. Upnourish aims to be market disruptor and category leader when it comes to healthy on-the-go snacking/meals category.

Upnourish - Founders

Upnourish Founders

Kuonal Lakhapati and Aayushi Lakhapati are co-founder at Upnourish. Kuonal Lakhapati is the CEO at UpNourish. Ayushi is a certified Nutritionist.

It was their mutual decision to embark on this journey to build Upnourish and 23BMI. Kuonal handles all the operations and business functions whereas Aayushi heads product R&D and client management.

Upnourish - Startup Idea

Kuonal Lakhapati was leading a very hectic life while being the founding member India’s leading company in Logistics tech space. Building a startup was demanding. His days were extended and hardly had a fixed schedule since he was traveling extensively. Moreover, he had no knowledge or awareness about healthy food, importance of timing etc. Had many misconceptions too. Unfortunately, he gained quite a bit of weight making me very uncomfortable. However, he had known Aayushi (Co Founder, 23BMI) and knew she came from the world of nutrition and wellness. He told her that he wanted to lose weight but could not hit the gym due to lack of time. He asked her to guide as he had no nutrition knowledge.

Aayushi was experimenting with her idea of Meal Replacement Products and she decided to make some samples and try them on me. He tried them and lost  10 Kgs in 28 days! That is when he realised this is revolutionary and if he was facing this issue of not able to hit gym, prepare healthy food that can be carried easily, there are millions out there like me. And, they could solve this problem offering convenience. That's when they decided to start manufacturing Meal Replacement Products.

They made some samples and tried them with friends and family. They tested it thoroughly, did pre-post medical check ups and once they were absolutely through, they finally launched them. They did speak to some medical and health experts, marketing experts, branding experts, before they thought of jumping into the world of meal replacements. Most of them were in agreement of the problem statement, market need and the proposed solution. However, they had to get the product formulation right and had to conduct trials before finalising the formulation.

Upnourish - Mission and Vision

As people get aspirational, busier, competitive, their health will take a backseat. Hence, Upnourish is working to make health and nutritional food convenient to all such people so they do not have to compromise on their health goals. Upnourish also targets weight watchers who would want to maintain to keep their underlying conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, etc concerns under control.

Upnourish Logo

The core idea behind choosing Upnourish as our brand name was simple as they wanted people to up their nutrition game.

Upnourish - Business Model

Upnourish’s business model is very simple and just like any other e-commerce company. Upnourish’s major revenues come from it’s own website which is about 70%. The rest of the revenue streams are online market places like Amazon, Healthkart, Wellversed, etc.

Upnourish - Products & Services

Upnourish Products

Meal Replacement products are packed with all the essential nutrition in terms of protein, fiber, carbs, multivitamins, etc in 60% lesser the calories that a body requires from one meal which is usually very difficult to achieve via natural meal by any individual with basic nutritional knowledge. Hence, on regular consumption of the meal replacement products, one experiences increased energy levels, fat loss, better health, etc.

They are making it very convenient to carry your own on-the-go nutritious meal which provides all the vital nutrition for fitness/health focused individuals.

They did go through couple of iterations before they could find the perfect formulation of the product. Basis on the extensive feedback, they realized they could make the product even better and hence, had to work through a couple of iterations.

Upnourish is the D2C focused, ecommerce arm where as 23BMI is our consultancy arm for people who need dedicated health coach services.

Upnourish - Marketing

Upnourish team majorly focused on performance marketing to acquire customers via social media platforms. They acquired first 100 customers in less than 10 days.

Branding, communication, product innovation and most importantly listening to our customers has been the key to understand the growth path for the company. They are currently focusing on increasing our product visibility via online marketplaces and some selected offline modern stores. A couple of ad campaigns of our products did really well specially in the Tier - 2/3 markets which essentially focused on explaining how one could replace one/two unhealthy eating options with meal replacement products. They are currently spending 50% of revenues on marketing.

Upnourish - Growth

Upnourish is just few months old. It is headquartered in Mumbai. Upnourish has clocked about  INR 15lacs revenue with 55% gross profit. Upnourish has more than 1200+ subscriber. Upnourish’s clients are some notable HNI’s, politicians, sportsmen, celebrities, etc along with fitness focused individuals across India.

Upnourish - Challenges Faced

Amongst many, one of the major challenges they faced were getting the MOQs for products, packaging since to get high MOQ was not feasible. They had to really get into the sourcing to be able to achieve feasible MOQs. They did some experiments with low MOQ packaging, printing until they could get the desired MOQs.

Upnourish - Advisors are their advisors.

Upnourish - Competitors

Some top competitors of Upnourish are:

  • Soylent
  • Huel
  • Oziva
  • Kapiva
  • Herbalife

Upnourish - Tools Used

Few tools which they use to run the startup are:

  • Shiprocket
  • Shopify
  • Quickbooks
  • Realreview


When was Upnourish founded?

Upnourish is a Health & Wellness startup founded in 2022 at Mumbai.

Who are the founders of Upnourish?

Kuonal Lakhapati and Aayushi Lakhapati are Co-founders of Upnourish.

What is the revenue of Upnourish?

Upnourish has clocked about INR 15lacs revenue with 55% gross profit.

Who are the competitors of Upnourish?

Some top competitors of Upnourish are:

  • Soylent
  • Huel
  • Oziva
  • Kapiva
  • Herbalife